Muhammad Waqas Sajid, Computer Software Engineer, NUST, Pakistan. Have been working as a software engineer for the past two years in various platforms.

Have been playing computer games in college life which includes Counter Strike, Need for Speeds, Yuri’s Revenge, FEAR, IGI’s and many more FPS games. But these days i only find time to practice my chess middle games. I do like to open with Ruy Lopez while playing against Black and Scilian (Najdorf variation) while playing against White.I used to be called Vortex (nick) in computer games.

I do have interest in politics, since PTI(Pakistan Tehreek-Insaaf) started campaigning for its elections, I served PTI as  a tabdeeli razakaar from NA-48 constituency, one of the two only constituencies of the federal capital Islamabad. From where the PTI’s president had won a seat with a vast majority..later on Asad Umar won it again in byelection.

I’m used to tweet @wqs47.. https://www.vizify.com/waqas-naya-pakistan/twitter-video

May ALLAH keep Pakistan safe from atheists, seculars and liberals..(ameen)


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