Places you want to visit in Pakistan — Beautiful

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Knowledge and Religious Experience –IQBAL

The Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam

Lecture 1 – Knowledge and Religious Experience

What is the character and general structure of the universe in which we live? Is there a permanent element in the constitution of this universe? How are we related to it? What place do we occupy in it, and what is the kind of conduct that befits the place we occupy? Continue reading Knowledge and Religious Experience –IQBAL

PHP Books and some OOP concepts

Here are some of the books and pdf documents form where the beginners can learn a lot.
For basic Object Oriented concepts in PHP  OOPs Concepts (pdf format)
Another OOPs cconcepts document with examples PHP-Tutorial-OOP
PHP Power Programming (a complete comprehensive guide to PHP),  go through this book once and you will learn a lot of new things. Download pdf format here Comprehensive guide.

" Tu Shaheen Ha Parwaaz Ha Kaam Tera "